The Best Plan

I once read a long, long time ago “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving anywhere” by a good friend of mine named Lao Tzu.

Okay yeah you’re right I actually just read that on “brainy quote” about 5 minutes ago while stranded in the Bologna airport.

But Lao is sure onto something with this and it sounds like he may even have been a part of my last couple days spent exploring beautiful Italy.

I was able to travel with some of my greatest friends, new and old, through eight cities in total throughout our ten days.

Yeah we had somewhat of an agenda cause the catch with this whole study abroad thing is that you do in fact have to attend class sometimes. But for the most part, I learned the greatest agenda is having no agenda. Some of my favorite moments during this dream of a week were the moments with no set plan. Sitting along the water in Venice, drinking a bottle of wine, anxiously awaiting who was gonna slip while getting off the gondola. Pretending to know what you’re doing on a wine tour in Tuscany (ps when in doubt just swirl your glass around a couple times and always drink whatever is in it) Sitting in Positano on the beach drinking wine with all my friends and randomly deciding it’s a good idea to jump off a cliff into the Med, sorry mom and dad I promise I’m okay. Laying in the Bologna airport for 10 hours waiting to board your flight home. No set plan at all, maybe I’ll get Pringles or chips or m&ms who knows, no agenda for me!!!  Okay well maybe this isn’t one of my favorite moments but let me tell you this airport is pristine.

Alright I still have about 6 more hours in this place so I’m gonna go search for more inspiration on brainy quote.

Until who knows when,


the only plan was no plan in Venice

the only plan was no plan in Venice

the only plan was no plan in Venice


One thought on “The Best Plan

  1. Libster, glad you had an awesome trip to Italy and very happy your jump from a seaside cliff turned out ok. Love, dad

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