Cucaracha Castle

So I went to Africa last weekend (more details on that to come at some point) and it was an unreal. The people, the culture, the homes, the food (and the aftermath of the food) was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Along with that, my welcoming home committee was also unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Yes, on Sunday night I returned to what I now fondly refer to as the Cucaracha Castle.

Yeah we’ve got cockroaches ladies and gentlemen.

But for some reason I was oddly comforted by the welcome back to my little apartment with my new pals.

The next morning we meandered to the store on our way to class in an attempt to solve the roach problem. All we did to the little old man working was said “cucarachas” and shrugged.

He gave us a pity laugh and then explained “el mejor opcion” and proceeded to make a stomping motion. So there you have it folks, the solution to all of your cockroach needs.

“Well this is something to tell the kids, that’s for sure” Maddie said as we walked away. We both laughed and that was that.

It’s a weird thing when you’re living amongst insects the size of golfballs yet you’re the happiest you’ve ever been. So I guess the lesson learned here is when life gives you roaches, the best solution (behind stomping on them of course) is to go to the store, buy wine instead of spray or whatever and pretend like life didn’t give you roaches.

Well I’ve left the Cucaracha Castle for the weekend and am currently on the train headed to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.  Here goes nothing.

Until who knows when,


PS Maddie if you’re reading this good luck holding down the fort with our little friends this weekend

PS landlord if you’re reading this some spray would be appreciated and maybe more wine too