The Cool Kids

Well it’s officially been one month since I’ve arrived in this stunning place. Even after four weeks here I’m still in awe every day that I actually live and (kinda) study here. I still have yet to figure out whether it’s spelled Seville or Sevilla but trust me I’ve learned far more important things throughout the past month.

In my first weeks here I found myself constantly wondering, “why do people in Spain do…” but lately I’ve had a switch in this mindset. I’ve started to ask myself “why do Americans do…” instead.

While walking around this morning I asked myself that very question when I saw 4 older men sitting around a table. They had a huge bucket of beers and even bigger smiles on their faces and were laughing (probably at the expense of the American girl staring and awkwardly smiling at them).

In that very moment I felt like the loser in the cafeteria and they were the cool kids (ps it was 11 am on a Tuesday –fully embodying the ever so popular song that states that the “Club’s going up on a Tuesday”)

And that’s not the first time I’ve had this thought since arriving.

Every day from about 2-5 pm the entire city pauses for a couple hours called “Siesta”. Everyone eats lunch and then follows it up with a nap. Why haven’t we adopted this yet?

And then we usually have another nap sometime between dinner and taking on the discotecas so once again… why not America?

Everyone’s always late. I’m all for punctuality but I’m really starting to like this 15 minute grace period when it comes to making my way to class every day.

People casually drink beer and/or wine at all hours of the day. Which begs the question why do we limit ourselves to one happy hour when we could have 24?

Every time you meet someone you must give him or her “dos besos” or a kiss on each cheek. Actually I’m cool with the whole handshake thing that we’ve got going on back home. Especially when you meet old man Ronaldo for the first time and turn the wrong cheek and end up making out with him.

It’s a wonderful thing when you start to see your bubble differently while in a different bubble. It takes time but once you learn to embrace wherever you are, you really start to appreciate it. Take some time to do as the Sevillanos do (which is sleep, drink and smile a lot) today.

Gonna go take a nap,

Until who knows when,




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