Double Czech

They say everyone’s supposed to make one (or a few) really stupid mistakes while they’re abroad. Maybe that’s not actually a saying but let’s just go with it for the time being. Well it’s been a little over a month and I’ve already made mine!!! …Are you proud yet mom and dad?

So this past weekend I visited the Czech Republic to spend the weekend with Emily. Prague was absolutely magical and there was nothing better than getting lost in this beautiful city with my best friend for the entire weekend. The end to the weekend wasn’t exactly magical.

“deees says you fly on 15 of March”

File that under things that you don’t want to hear on the 15th of February 30 minutes before boarding.

“do you want stay?”

File that under follow up questions you don’t want to hear after finding out you accidentally booked your return flight a month later.

Right then and there I started crying and ran away (promptly returning to ask where the rebooking desk is) After going Usain Bolt on Terminal 2 and throwing my credit card at the ticketing woman saying please just let me go home. I had a flight to Rome (for reasons unknown that I didn’t even think to question at the time) and 20 minutes to make it to the gate.

As I was running to the gate it hit me that I was flying to Rome. Okay cool they’ve got great pizza and a tipping tower. Nice. This should be fun.

I hopped on the plane and hoped for the best. After what seemed like a million hours in the air we landed in Rome. Once again I raced through another airport almost as fast as my performance in the 5th grade track meet (this time I didn’t trip over any hurdles though)

When I made it to the dreaded booking counter I handed the man my passport and said a quick prayer.

“Window or aisle?”

File that under questions that you only dream of hearing after entertaining the idea of spending the rest of your semester in Rome.

After quite some time in the Rome airport (beautiful airport by the way) I was finally en route to my lovely city. I looked out from my well-earned window seat as we took off and found myself in awe at how things actually worked out. The universe has a funny way of working and sometimes it just takes a couple sprints through some terminals and a few flights to learn this.

So here’s what I learned: 1. Always double Czech (see what I did there) your flights. 2. Anyone can be a track star when it comes to making a flight. And finally, always trust that in the end things will work out and they will. And if they don’t, then you spend a month in Prague and things could still be much worse.

Until who knows when or my next stupid mistake,



“hang on guys just quick changing my flight home so I can stay longer!!!”


The Cool Kids

Well it’s officially been one month since I’ve arrived in this stunning place. Even after four weeks here I’m still in awe every day that I actually live and (kinda) study here. I still have yet to figure out whether it’s spelled Seville or Sevilla but trust me I’ve learned far more important things throughout the past month.

In my first weeks here I found myself constantly wondering, “why do people in Spain do…” but lately I’ve had a switch in this mindset. I’ve started to ask myself “why do Americans do…” instead.

While walking around this morning I asked myself that very question when I saw 4 older men sitting around a table. They had a huge bucket of beers and even bigger smiles on their faces and were laughing (probably at the expense of the American girl staring and awkwardly smiling at them).

In that very moment I felt like the loser in the cafeteria and they were the cool kids (ps it was 11 am on a Tuesday –fully embodying the ever so popular song that states that the “Club’s going up on a Tuesday”)

And that’s not the first time I’ve had this thought since arriving.

Every day from about 2-5 pm the entire city pauses for a couple hours called “Siesta”. Everyone eats lunch and then follows it up with a nap. Why haven’t we adopted this yet?

And then we usually have another nap sometime between dinner and taking on the discotecas so once again… why not America?

Everyone’s always late. I’m all for punctuality but I’m really starting to like this 15 minute grace period when it comes to making my way to class every day.

People casually drink beer and/or wine at all hours of the day. Which begs the question why do we limit ourselves to one happy hour when we could have 24?

Every time you meet someone you must give him or her “dos besos” or a kiss on each cheek. Actually I’m cool with the whole handshake thing that we’ve got going on back home. Especially when you meet old man Ronaldo for the first time and turn the wrong cheek and end up making out with him.

It’s a wonderful thing when you start to see your bubble differently while in a different bubble. It takes time but once you learn to embrace wherever you are, you really start to appreciate it. Take some time to do as the Sevillanos do (which is sleep, drink and smile a lot) today.

Gonna go take a nap,

Until who knows when,



Lost in translation

Since coming to Spain one of my latest hobbies (along with getting lost and embarrassing myself in another language) is scoping out graphic tees with poorly translated English phrases on them. I’ve compiled a collection of my favorites so far and I’m sure there will be more to come because these are too good and I don’t see an end to this new hobby in the near future. Enjoy.


With Valentine’s day around the corner, this is sure to win over your significant other.


Minimally Minimal.


Girls put this on your Tinder profile and you’ll be golden.


Very deep and the fine print which reads, “and then: I realize adventures are the best way to learn” is even deeper.


This is just the truth. Friday is so good too.


Just lots of messages going on here.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you found some inspiration or something in this or at least a laugh.

Not at all. Never again. Until next time. Until who knows when,