Café y Sal

Today marks two weeks spent in this beautiful place.

I’m writing this as I sit outside on the rooftop watching my laundry to make sure the wind doesn’t steal a pair or two of my socks. I don’t trust this whole hang your clothes outside and hope for the best thing. I also don’t trust this whole put your undergarments on display for the entire city thing.

Today also marks the discovery of yet another thing to connect the Sevillanos and I and that is the universal language of making fun of me.

Earlier this morning I sat down with a couple amigos to drink my coffee before heading off for the day. I took a seat at the table, added some sugar to my coffee and they just stared at me. Since being here I’ve grown accustomed to people staring at me (not because of my good looks or anything mostly because I don’t know what I’m doing 99% of the time). I asked them “que tal” and took a sip of my coffee.

Hilarity ensued. Similar to the “jam/jelly/pudding” incident I speak of in my previous post.

Turns out that was not sugar.

As I choked down my bitter coffee, they all lost it and proceeded to point and yell “sal!” (salt). Yes, that was salt and they did not let me forget it.

Well there went my chance of having these guys think I’m cool and my sodium intake is at an all time high but hey at least I supplied them with a good laugh.

So once again. Didn’t take much just a bitter cup of coffee, a little humility and the universal language of laughter.

Well looks like my dryer cycle is up so I’ve gotta go. That’s a joke, I’ll probably be here for a couple more hours.

But try to take some time today to laugh a little and when in doubt get a coffee with a dash of salt.

Until who knows when,


PS: Another lesson I learned today is that you aren’t supposed to eat the oranges off the trees, learned that one the hard way.


reporting live from laundry day


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