Disco Ball Dreams

So today I was catapulted back into the nanny world with a trip to every nanny’s dream slash worst nightmare all rolled into one: The Big Thrill Factory aka Chuck E Cheeses’ on steroids. I entered the lion’s den, experiencing complete sensory overload. Automatically feeling myself contracting a nice cold or possible flu virus. So many sounds, lights, overly excited staff members, germs. Although this was a sudden and rude welcoming back into the nanny world, I definitely learned a couple things from creepily watching and observing the kids there today:

  1. When it comes to the ball pit, even the best of friends can become your worst enemy. It’s every man or woman for themselves in the pit.
  2. As long as you say “…but no offense” after whatever you do or say, it doesn’t count. This is 100% foolproof. I witnessed a girl tell another girl that she was mean and sucked at the game, but had a stellar “no offense” follow-up and the friendship continued as if nothing was ever said. ***I plan to carry this strategy into my upcoming semester i.e.: “you’re a terrible teacher and I don’t agree with anything you say, no offense.”
  3. Every ride is the best ride ever for approximately 2 minutes until you move on and find the next best ride.
  4. The amount of lemonade consumed is directly proportional to the amount of success one experiences in the mole-pounding game. ***Also applies to the Dance Dance Revolution game.
  5. Only the most determined of Thrill Factory goers will ever make it to the 500 prize level disco ball. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to surpass the many tattoos and candy options in order to save up for the big leagues.

Aside from all of these new things I learned today, more importantly, I learned that kids really know how to play and us ‘adults’, or whatever we call ourselves these days, could learn a thing or two from them.  It doesn’t matter what exactly they were doing, whom they were with, the viruses they’re contracting, what exactly is in that lemonade etc. they simply just played. With that being said, I think we should all take some time to just play and learn a little something from kids, they’ve got a lot to teach us.

Until who knows when,


PS: I will do everything in my power to avoid arcades of any sort for a while now … no offense or anything

PPS: Unless I can get that disco ball